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We leave for the journey: which hotel best

Wherever a person goes - on vacation or on a business trip, for a long time or for a day - he will still have to stay at a hotel. I want the traveler to feel at home, cozy and comfortable during his stay in another country or city. To do this, many Kaluga hotels have a certain classification, thereby helping to determine the level and quality of services provided in them.

French classification system

Many have heard that hotels are categorized according to the number of stars. This system is used in France. But it is spread all over the world. Hotels with the highest level of comfort and quality of services have five stars. What is the difference between each classification?

one star

Usually these hotels are located on the outskirts, but can also be located in the center. Here, tourists are only provided with a place to spend the night and the opportunity to take a shower. Everyone thinks about food on their own. One room accommodates from one to several people. A bathroom, as well as a refrigerator and a TV are shared. The room is cleaned every day, towels are changed every four days, and bed linen is changed weekly.

Two stars

Sometimes guests of the city in such a hotel are offered a continental breakfast. For convenience, there is a small restaurant in the same building. Toilet, shower and TV are located right in the room. The guest can give things to dry cleaning, laundry and leave his car in the parking lot. Bed linen is changed every six days, towels are changed every three days, and cleaning is daily.

Three stars

Each room has from one to three beds. Here, in addition to everything you need, there is a swimming pool, and even a gym. A tourist can use the Internet and currency exchange. The room has a fridge, TV and also a small bar. Bed sheets are changed twice every seven days, towels are changed daily, and the room is air-conditioned.

four stars

In addition to lodging for the night, tourists are provided with food and the opportunity to have a good time. Also in such a hotel there is a conference room, secure parking, a restaurant, a swimming pool, a tennis court and a gym. The bathroom, which is located in the room, has all the necessary cosmetics (soap, shampoo and gel), as well as a hairdryer. Linen is changed daily, as is cleaning.

Five Stars

The level of service here is the highest. The room is spacious and has a great view from the window. Some rooms have multiple rooms. In addition to everything that is available in four-star hotels, shower cosmetics, a bathrobe and room slippers are presented here. The service is the best and every wish is fulfilled for the guest.

Knowing how hotels are classified and what is special about them, it will be much easier to make a choice where to stay.

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