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Where better to stay in Odessa?

The number of vacationers who visited Odessa in the tourist season of 2016 approached three million people, which is twice as much as last year. Thus, experts are talking about the explosive growth in the popularity of this famous Ukrainian resort. The infrastructure here strives to meet the emerging demand as best as possible, so the number of hotels, restaurants and hotels in Odessa is also increasing every season. Thanks to this, for each type of tourists there is an optimal accommodation option.

Family holiday

Odessa is the best place for traveling with small children or elderly parents. This is a calm, old resort, which has long acquired its own traditions. For this type of holiday, experts advise choosing comfortable hotels of a category of at least three stars with breakfast and dinner included, so you can forget about everyday problems and enjoy the sun and sea. For tourists traveling with the family, accommodation options in the suburbs are also suitable.

Honeymoon and romantic trip

Young couples who come to Odessa, as a rule, choose hotels located near the center. For people who know little of the city, there is a special reminder: for this, it is worth renting an apartment 15-20 minutes from Deribasovskaya Street. It is here that you can fully experience the atmosphere of old Odessa and easily get to the main attractions.

Club vacation

The center of the nightlife of this southern city has been and remains the resort area of ​​Arcadia, in which the famous beach of the same name is located. It is here that there are many restaurants, nightclubs, cafes. Music in Arcadia does not stop around the clock. According to experts, this area is also a center of expensive recreation, the most affluent tourists come here.

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