Comparison of linear and two-dimensional barcodes

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Comparison of linear and two-dimensional barcodes

Various barcode systems are used to identify products in the areas of both retail and wholesale. Currently, there are more than 120 types of graphic labeling of products in the world. You can verify the compliance of such images with the requirements of standards and the correct reading of encrypted information using a barcode verifier. What graphic coding systems exist, and how do they differ from each other?

Linear barcodes
Traditional linear barcodes are a combination of lines of different thicknesses located in one direction (usually horizontally). This group includes such types of marking as EAN, Code128, UPC and some others. This type of barcode is recognized by all types of scanners and contains basic information about the country and the manufacturing company.

The main disadvantage of linear bar codes is that the amount of information that can be encrypted with their help is very limited and does not exceed 30 characters. At the same time, the marking takes up a lot of space on the package, and in case of even slight damage to the picture, it will be practically impossible to read the data.

2D barcodes
Two-dimensional bar codes are much more informative and, in turn, are divided into several varieties, the main of which are consignment notes and matrix ones. The first type includes Code 49, PDF 417, Code 16K. Such images are obtained by superimposing several one-dimensional barcodes in the vertical direction. Matrix codes (e.g., QR) are a combination of black and white squares located inside the matrix. 2D barcodes allow you to encrypt a much larger amount of information, and are successfully used not only in trade, but also in the field of cargo transportation, organization of document management and warehouse accounting.

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