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When we decide to buy a ticket (Kiev -Paris, for example), it is clear that first of all we are interested in its price. And when we hear the final amount you have to pay, in our mind is absolutely logical question arises: "What kind of money" and "What is included in the normal plane ticket?". By purchasing tickets with the help of the agency on the Transport and Tourism "Shid-AVIA", you can be assured that they buy at the lowest price. Our staff will be happy to answer any of your questions about the cost of a ticket from Kiev and other airports and its settlement system. In the meantime, try on their own to understand the financial intricacies of airline tickets. Flights from Europe are much more expensive. So take for example the cost of a ticket from Kiev. The first collection, which you pay by purchasing tickets at the ticket offices, - a service fee. Service fee - a sum that is installed cash registers for the provision of its services - trade, selection of a suitable flight and ticketing. The average value of collection varies from 20 to 50 euros and depends on the price of the ticket and the location of the point of sale: the easier it is, the higher the charge. Therefore, we recommend that you choose the option of online booking. You yourself pick a suitable route, rate, place an order, thus saving about 15-17 euros for a single ticket. Do not forget that you can buy a ticket (Kiev-Moscow, for example) at full price, but you can at a discount. Always after the selected airline which will fly, pay attention to the presence in the moment, they have discounts on flights. However, remember that the discount applies only to the tariff price of tickets from Kiev or out of town, but has no effect on fuel surcharges and airport taxes. Please note that it is cheaper to buy a ticket Kiev-Kiev -Paris once both ways than just two separate one-way ticket (one from Kiev to Paris, and separate from Paris to Kiev). Often the monetary difference amounts to almost half of the total cost.
Нужен совет психолога С такими конфликтами должен бороться руководитель. Он изначально должен позаботиться о создании спокойной психологической атмосферы. Различные сферы жизни человека, связанные с психологией и науками.
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