Tours to the island of Okinawa, Japan

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Tours to the island of Okinawa, Japan

Japanese island of Okinawa is known worldwide that the life expectancy of the population is higher than in any other corner of the globe. Just type in the internet search engine query: holidays in Japan reviews - to ensure that in Okinawa live comfortably not only locals, but also tourists who come here on vacation. "Land of Immortals lucky" - the name given to this wonderful island. Okinawa is part of the Ryukyu archipelago, the islands subtropical climate makes it a paradise blossom forever - here 12 months of the year the weather is warm, but not hot. Vacationing on the island pleasant and comfortable, aided, and the presence of well-developed infrastructure of the tourism industry. The scenic beauty of nature, excellent opportunities for swimming and water sports attract a lot of travelers to the island. Many newlyweds from different countries choose Okinawa for honeymoon, believing that such a trip would be a good beginning of their life together. In recent years, this Japanese island, a host of first-class hotels, providing services for travelers to the world standards. In Okinawa, there is a network of the many restaurants, which prepare local dishes, preserving the differences from traditional Japanese cuisine. Beautiful beaches provide a wonderful holiday, the seawater temperature does not fall below + 20 degrees in the most "cold" winter. All the tourists who know how wonderful is a children's recreation in Korea can be no doubt that on the island of Okinawa for the children to create a truly unique environment. For young travelers a children's playground, a variety of amusement parks work in entertainment. Transparent sea water promises a lot of vivid impressions snorkellers who can admire the corals, fish and other bizarre inhabitants of the deep sea. Fans of sailing will enjoy excellent conditions for sailing: the abundance of bays and small islands in the archipelago, allows you to make exciting boat trips. The island is the venue for various competitions in water sports. A great time for tourists of all ages can be in the center of water activities, in which special attention is drawn to the huge aquariums populated by exotic species of fish and marine animals. To get acquainted with the local flora of the best in the botanical gardens, which are many on the island. For lovers of holiday tour memorable produce exhibits museums located in Okinawa, and island attractions. Among the main historical monuments include the palace Syuridzё, who for many years was the residence of the rulers of the ancient state of Ryukyu. Now this palace is the venue for music and theater festivals and concerts of classical music which take place throughout the year. Those tourists, who prefer light music, every night waiting for malls, discos and nightclubs. Annually to Okinawa comes more and more tourists, who are attracted to holiday on this paradise island. As the leading tour operators in the recent increase in the popularity of recreation on the islands, someone spends holidays in Bali on the island, but many prefer to travel during the holidays on the Japanese island, the pearl which is undoubtedly Okinawa. Here you will meet friendly sun and beautiful beaches!
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