Warming and furnish private house facade: features of the work

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Warming and furnish private house facade: features of the work

To your home look beautiful, cozy and warm, you must perform a quality insulation and finish of the facade. Carrying out such work allows to solve several problems at once: to protect the wall from a variety of adverse weather, perform exterior decor, as well as reduce the cost of space heating. The choice of material for thermal insulation of the house Planning work on warming fronts in Odessa, you must choose the right insulation and other materials for thermal insulation of external walls. The most popular materials for the thermal insulation of facades of private homes are: polystyrene (Styrofoam). The most easy and convenient to install insulation, which is most commonly used for thermal insulation of external walls of private homes of brick, aerated concrete, rakushnika. The only drawback of this material - a strong reaction to fire, so it should not be used for thermal insulation of wooden houses; mineral wool. This is absolutely eco-friendly material for thermal insulation of buildings has many advantages: low thermal conductivity, high water vapor permeability and good sound insulation. However, the cost of the material slightly higher than the traditional foam, but make no mistake - this small overpayment will be worth it at 100%. Types of facade finishes After all the work was performed on the insulation of exterior walls, the turn of finishing the house facade. The choice of options is really wide and usually depends on your wishes and the thickness of the purse. Among the most common methods of finishing the facades should allocate more: decorative plaster. This method of decoration is also called "wet". It creates a small load on the foundation and exterior of the house allows you to transform beyond recognition. The most popular variants of decorative plaster walls - the bark beetle, lamb coat, stone; clinker tiles or bricks. The surface of the ceramic tiles or bricks maximum resistance to abrasion and can last you a lifetime. One drawback - the high cost of materials and work on facing the exterior walls, but if you can afford it, then stop your choice on this method of finishing the house facade; siding. One of the most popular materials in the creation of ventilated facades. An affordable price and a wide choice: you can use vinyl, metal, ceramic, cement or wood siding. Whichever method of insulation and decoration of the facade you choose, the main thing - it's full compliance with building regulations and techniques work, then the house will not only elegant and beautiful, but also warm and protected from the outside weather. If you want to work on insulation and decoration of the facade of a private house in Odessa were executed most efficiently and safely, while at http://www.housefix.od.ua site you can turn to a professional team of masters who at an affordable price and in as soon as possible carry out all the necessary work.
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