What are the advantages of mixers with access via TOR

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What are the advantages of mixers with access via TOR

If you follow the development of cryptocurrency, you probably noticed that in recent years there have been many new types of coins that are more affordable than bitcoin. Thanks to this, many people were able to start actively using cryptocurrency. Alas, this also attracted criminals trying to identify and rob the richest wallet owners. Services to ensure the anonymity of your transactions, which will protect your account from getting into the field of view of such attackers, are provided by sites called bitcoin mixer. However, some provide better protection than others. But why?

How Tor protects against data interception
In order for you to use the mixer website, your browser sends various services to this service, for example, which wallet you ordered the withdrawal of funds from or what additional functions you activated. Regular browsers do not protect the information sent well, which creates an opportunity for attackers to intercept it. In addition to the fact that they can use this to find out the address of the wallet to which you transfer money, they have the opportunity to replace part of the information. Criminals can trick the mixer, because of which it will transfer your funds to their account. Due to the mixing of coins by the service after that, you can’t even find out which number your money was sent to.

Unlike a regular browser, Tor uses encryption to transmit information, reliably protecting all data sent. Even intercepting them, attackers will not be able to decrypt, and, therefore, read them. However, due to the fact that when using Tor all information is delivered to the server with the mixer not directly, but through the nodes of its network, its interception becomes very problematic due to an unpredictable route. All this makes Tor-enabled services much safer.

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