What are the features of rest in Dubai?

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What are the features of rest in Dubai?

The main feature of holiday in Dubai is in the United Arab Emirates can be not only a good rest, but also to make quite a bargain. It is not only souvenirs, but also electronics, furniture, and of course, the clothes at low prices, which attracts many tourists. The cheapness of the goods due to the fact that the United Arab Emirates are the free trade zone, in which the low import duty for goods. That's why Dubai can be found imported items, the price of which is lower than in the country of origin. It should be noted that to meet the fake in Dubai can be extremely rare, since all the goods of famous brands. Make purchases in Dubai is possible not only in the market but also in the mall, which is in the city of more than forty pieces. Once a year, the city hosts Shopping Festival, which attracts visitors as good discounts on goods and celebrations with performances by famous artists and decoration of the city streets. In addition to a pleasant shopping in Dubai can be a great time, for example, go on a fascinating tour, or simply collapsed on the beach under the sun. By the way, in Dubai most of the beaches is free, but all beaches are different gorgeous purity and high level of service. This unusual and original country like the UAE, you are always waiting for a visit! Many people are interested in the question, why in the plane pawns ears during takeoff and landing. The answer is you can learn by reading the article on the Internet. It will be useful for those who fly often. Find out why the plane lays the ears and how to fight it, you can at specialized sites.
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