Castles and grads - wild culture of the Czech Republic

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Castles and grads - wild culture of the Czech Republic

This direction of tourism in the Czech Republic is popular with those who are not particularly interested in cultural attractions civilized part of the country. Beautiful nature will not leave anyone indifferent. Constantly changing scenery beckon to the study - the wooded hills are replacing the high mountains, and then themselves disappear, giving way to a magical green valleys with small streams meandering and transparent blue lakes. You can devote the time to travel on a cozy little village, between houses with tiled roofs set in lush churches. But most attention is usually attracted to old Czech castles - medieval castles. Not all of them "survived" to this day, many appear before the eyes of tourists in the form of ruins and rubble sad, silent guardians of the great stories. A small country, which is the Czech Republic, surprisingly full of the ancient city (locks) - of more than 2,000, and they are located in almost every more or less the old city. The first locks were built in the beginning of XI century, and for about two centuries of intensive construction continued and developed. I only have their purpose - if the first castles were used to protect the inhabitants from wild animals and hostile neighbors, a few centuries later, castles became fully military, with carefully fortified walls and a large number of weapons. The history of every castle is unique and inimitable. Gnomes, for example, according to ancient legends often settled in the castle Loket. The ancient castle nad Vltavou boasts a magic mirror, which helps to maintain eternal youth and health. King Charles IV glorified Melnik Castle, the vineyards, which are distant French roots and wine cellars. History is not always clear, and "white", which is confirmed by the legend of the castle Velke Losiny - a historic place a "witch hunt." Excursions to the castles of the Czech Republic really are very popular. Admire the sights, thanks to well-organized work, you can almost round the clock.
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