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Going on a vacation to a warmer climate, we will certainly learn a travel agency on the number of "stars" of a hotel. For what? "Stars" on the sign to the hotel can say a lot: development of infrastructure on the site; number of services provided; clean beach; as the rooms and service. In other words, if you want to remember a vacation in the south of rest in luxury restaurants, pristine beaches and a huge room with a jacuzzi - safely choose "5 stars". In this hotel you can get all the conditions for a relaxed and carefree holiday. Hotel "4 stars" will offer you a similar list, but ... A little more modest rooms, a little simpler menu at the restaurant, smaller area. "3 stars" - for the unpretentious travelers It would look like the stereotype of the "star" hotels in the eyes of our fellow citizens. Why is the stereotype? Because such grading hotels can be applied only to the hotel, offers a beach holiday. It is in the south of the tourists prefer not to leave the hotel, preferring to luxuriating in the sun and swim in the pool. For comparison: in Europe "stardom" hotel is quite different from the above-mentioned gradation. And a five-star hotel in Europe - this is a hotel that offers an exceptional quality of service, a stylized royal apartments, a wide range of services. Hotel "5 star" in Europe - a luxury in its purest form that is available only to representatives of show business and political elite. Known for their thrift and passion for saving the Europeans have long been defined for themselves that the number of "stars" on the hotel's sign - it is rather an indicator of the status of its guests. And, going to another city, you need to choose a hotel not on the number of "stars" and services, and strictly according to the specific need. Arriving in Kiev with the purpose of sightseeing, you will hardly need a hotel, which will operate a cinema and a shopping center, swimming pool and numerous restaurants. You will need a hotel which is providing high-quality service, will give you precious peace and rest after a long day. Visiting Kiev on a business trip, you will not pay attention to the fact that the hotel operates a spa center and an extensive gym. For you are much more important would be the silence of the Moscow courtyard and comfort of a hotel room.
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