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Odessa Hotels Online / Business Travel Group is a Destination Management Company, committed to providing quality incoming travel services to its international travel trade partners. Our clients incl

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What happens when I complete my reservation? By completing the reservation, you enter into an agreement with us, which substantially means that, you: a: Accept that we charge your cr

Hotels in Odessa

Booking one of our hotels in Odessa is very easy and safe. You can make cancelation of your reservation without charging any penalty according to the cancellation policy of the hotel. Book the accommo


Odessa Hotels Online is online wholesalers of hotels and travel services in the Ukraine and we use our last inventory of travel products to supply travel agencies, tour operators and other travel bu

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Terms of payment and travel It is important that the traveller is familiar with the General terms and conditions of travel. By making payment, you are showing that you have accepted these terms of

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Odessa Hotels Online cannot guarantee that the content on this website is free from errors or omissions. The information to be found on odessahotelsonline.com may, in individual cases, contain proo

How to book

Odessa Hotels Online is a Destination Management Company, committed to providing quality incoming travel services to its international travel trade partners. Our clients include: tour operators, me


 Centuries and centuries ago the land which name is Odessa now, was already populated by people. On the western coast of Kujalnitskiy estuary one of the settlements of people of paleolith epoch was

Spaso-Preobrazhenskiy cathedral

In 1795, just one year after the founding of Odessa, the Nickolayev church was built on Sobornaya square. The cathedral became one of the biggest in Russia. It was almost 50 meters wide and over 10

City Hall

Situated on the Primorskiy Boulevard the building which houses the City Hall nowadays is the place of the former old Stock Exchange in Odessa. Trading has always been the main source of Odessa budget

Opera House

Magnificent Odessa Opera and Ballet Theater is once echoed with concerts conducted by Peter Tchaikovsky and ballets featuring Anna Pavlova. The interior of this impressive structure, which ranks in g


The building occupies the site of the former Odessa new Stock Exchange. Philharmonic Hall, a historic monument in Odessa, was opened in 1899. Designed by famous Odessa architect of Italian origin Mar

Ukraine Cruises

Odessa Hotels Online is delighted to offer you the great experiences of Dnipro-Black Sea cruises. We offer 10-14 days of relaxation, fun, and parties aboard a comfortable four-deck excursion b

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Book at www.OdessaHotelsOnline.com! The lowest price possible. Less and more selected hotels make it not only easier to find exactly what you are searching for; it also gives you the low

Exploring Odessa

Your exploration of Odessa will start at Primorsky Boulevard as you get off the coaches for a pleasant walk. This shady seaside promenade not only reveals the picturesque panorama of Odessa bay bu

3* Hotel Ayvazovsky

Hotel Ayvazovsky Odesa. Ayvazovsky Hotel Odessa, Ukraine. Book a room at the hotel Ayvazovsky. Value and description of rooms in the Hotel Ayvazovsky. Hotel Ayvazovsky is located in Odessa not far fro

2* Tsentralnyy Hotel

Tsentralnyy Hotel in Odessa, Ukraine  Tsentralnyy Hotel is one of the oldest hotels in the city, built at the end of XIX century, it is a piece of architectural art and located right in the

4* Black Sea Hotel, Bugaz

Black Sea Bugaz Hotel in Odessa, Ukraine  Black Sea Bugaz hotel is located in Karolino-Bugaz Resort, 60 km from Odessa. It offers you comfortable rooms with breathtaking sea views, a banquet

3* Kapri Hotel

Kapri Hotel in Odessa, Ukraine  Kapri Hotel will meet you with magnificent rooms and golden beaches. Kapri hotel is located at the Sauvignon area in Odessa, in 15 km from the historical part

Deribas Hotel

Deribas Hotel in Odessa, Ukraine  Hotel Deribas was opened in the year 2010 in the beautiful historic building at the intersection of Deribasovskaya Street and the Greek Square.  Deri

4* Hotel Palladium

Palladium hotel Odessa, Ukraine. Accommodation in Hotel Palladium . Special offers and prices in Palladium hotel. Online booking in Hotel Palladium . Instant Confirmation from Palladium Hotel Odessa.

4* Hotel Mozart

Hotel Mozart Odessa. Mozart Hotel Odessa, Ukraine. Book a room at Hotel Mozart. Value and description of rooms in the Hotel Mozart. Hotel Mozart is located in Odessa not far from downtown Odessa. Hote

4* Hotel Continental

Hotel Continental Odesa. Continental Hotel Odessa, Ukraine. Book a room at the hotel Continental. Value and description of rooms in the Hotel Continental. Hotel Continental is located in Odessa not fa

4* Hotel Londonskaya

Hotel Londonskaya Odesa. Londonskaya Hotel Odessa, Ukraine. Book a room at the hotel Londonskaya. Value and description of rooms in the Hotel Londonskaya. Hotel Londonskaya is located in Odessa not fa

3* Hotel Yunost

Hotel Yunost Odesa. Yunost Hotel Odessa, Ukraine. Book a room at the hotel Yunost. Value and description of rooms in the Hotel Yunost. Hotel Yunost is located in Odessa not far from downtown Odessa. H

4* Black Sea Hotel, Privoz

Black Sea Hotel on Panteleymonovskoy in Odessa, Ukraine  An elegant hotel Black Sea on Panteleymonovskaya Street will get you with warm welcome. The original combination of comfort and moder

Pantelemonovskiy cathedral

The Synod allowed to build its courtyard by the 100th anniversary of Odessa, the foundation of the cathedral was laid on May 9, 1893, and as soon as on January 10, 1896 the courtyard was consecrated.

Odessa Hotels

Hotels in Odessa, Ukraine with discounts, accommodation online with instant confirmation. From cheap to luxury hotels in Odessa. Accommodation Odessa (Ukraine) – live availability and prices for all


Odessa International Airport is located in the southwestern part of the city. Distance to the airport from the center of Odessa ~ 7,5 km. The area occupied by the airport is 570 hectares. Airport Ode

Urban garden Deribasovskaya

City garden Deribasovskaya in Odessa is famous for a kind of open-air museum. The park is located art gallery, which is a favorite haunt Odessans and guests to not only buy for themselves a work of a

Dolphinarium «Nemo»

Odessa City Dolphinarium was inaugurated June 4, 2005. Dolphinarium "Nemo" in Odessa meets all international norms and standards. Visiting Dolphinarium you can see an incredible presentation by dolph

Opera House

Magnificent Odessa Opera and Ballet Theater is once echoed with concerts conducted by Peter Tchaikovsky and ballets featuring Anna Pavlova. The interior of this impressive structure, which ranks in g

Cinema Citi

Cinema Citi is the largest movie theater, not only in Odessa but in Ukraine. He was inaugurated April 21, 2007, and in its creation took about $ 6.5 million in multicomplex Cinema City 7 halls! which

5* Arcadia Plaza Hotel

Hotel Arcadia Plaza in Odessa, Ukraine  Luxury hotel Arcadia Plaza is conveniently located in Arcadia, the most picturesque area of Odessa, near by the Black Sea. Sandy beaches, beautiful na

5* Otrada Hotel

Otrada Hotel in Odessa, Ukraine  Otrada Hotel is situated in the French Boulevard area, in the most romantic and prestigious district of the city, not far from Otrada Beach. The splendid bui

3* Reno Hotel

Online booking Odessa Hotel with instant confirmation  Reno Hotel has been opened recently. This is modern hotel which is located in the historical centre of Odessa in the main street Deribaso

4* Grand Pettine Hotel

Hotel Grand Pettine in Odessa, Ukraine  Grand Pettine Hotel stands in a very picturesque and scenic district far from the city noise that is called Odessa Riviera. A modern three stored buil

4* Mozart Hotel

Mozart Hotel in Odessa, Ukraine  Four star Hotel Mozart is situated in the historical center of Odessa, in the restored building of the beginning of the 19th century. The Empire is the archi

2* Passage Hotel

Online booking Odessa Hotel with instant confirmation  Hotel Passage - a cozy hotel in Odessa, located in the historic city center, near the famous street - Deribasovskaya. Beside the hotel th

4* Continental Hotel

Continental Hotel in Odessa, Ukraine  The building, which is a monument of town-planning and architecture, was built in the middle of the XIX century by the famous architect F.V. Gonsiorovsk

4* Prominada Hotel

Prominada Hotel in Odessa, Ukraine  A new Prominada hotel ofers their guests the best combination of excellent service and reasonable prices. It is located on 11th st. Bolshogo Fountana (143

4* Morskoy Hotel

Morskoy Hotel in Odessa  Morskoy Hotel is situated in the seaside area by the Arcadia bay in the heart of Odessa. A monument of architecture built at the very beginning of the 19th century i

4* Black Sea Hotel on Richelyevskaya

Black Sea Hotel on Richelyevskaya in Odessa, Ukraine  The finest balance of modern style, homelike comfort and reasonable prices gives Black Sea Hotel on Richelyevskaya its unique style in w

Odessa City Tour

Odessa - The Pearl of the Black Sea. By order of Catherine the Great, construction of the city began in 1794 and grew rapidly to become a major port. This beautiful city is a mecca of parks, espl

3* Hotel Odesskiy Dvorik

Hotel Odesskiy Dvorik Odesa. Odesskiy Dvorik Hotel Odessa, Ukraine. Book a room at the hotel Odesskiy Dvorik. Value and description of rooms in the Hotel Odesskiy Dvorik. Hotel Odesskiy Dvorik is loca

3* Hotel Lermontovskiy

Hotel Lermontovskiy Odesa. Lermontovskiy Hotel Odessa, Ukraine. Book a room at the hotel Lermontovskiy. Value and description of rooms in the Hotel Lermontovskiy. Hotel Lermontovskiy is located in Ode

4* Nemo Hotel

Hotel Nemo in Odessa, Ukraine  Hotel Nemo come and stay as a guest of dolphins. The new and modern hotel in Odessa invites you, your guests, and your friends to experience comfortable accomm

4* Londonskaya Hotel

Londonskaya Hotel in Odessa, Ukraine  Fashionable façade, marble staircases, sparkling crystal chandeliers, bright stained-glass windows that this atmosphere of unique luxury will welcome y

3* Ayvazovsky Hotel

Ayvazovsky Hotel in Odessa, Ukraine  Business-hotel Ayvazovsky is happy to offer you comfortable accommodation in downtown Odessa just a few steps away from the world famous Opera and Ballet

3* Yunost Hotel

Yunost Hotel in Odessa, Ukraine  Yunost Hotel located in one of the most picturesque sites of Odessa — legendary Frantsuzky Boulevard, the Hotel offers 152 comfortable rooms & spacious con

3* Lermontovskiy Hotel

Lermontovskiy Hotel in Odessa, Ukraine  Levmontovskiy Hotel is a modern hotel in Odessa, situated in a cosy nook of the old town close to the sea. Hotel offers not only comfortable accomodat

3* Oktyabrskaya Hotel

Oktyabrskaya Hotel in Odessa, Ukraine  Oktyabrskaya hotel is situated in the centre of Odessa-historical, cultural and business part of the city close to the Deribasovskaia Street, Academic

3* Odesskiy Dvorik Hotel

Odesskiy Dvorik Hotel in Odessa  Residence Odesskiy Dvorik is located in one of the ancient street of Odessa. It’s a fine place in all respects: it is very close to the sea, Lanzheron beac

4* Palladium Hotel

Palladium Hotel in Odessa, Ukraine  Hotel Palladium, new hotel of Odessa of a class lux, offers you comfortable accommodation. The cosiness, comfort, the friendly personnel will make your st

2* Victoriya Hotel

Victoriya Hotel in Odessa, Ukraine  Victoriya Hotel is one of the most often stayed in hotels in Odessa. You will appreciate neatness, comfort and feeling like at home. Having stayed in the

5* Maristella Club

Hotel Maristella Club in Odessa, Ukraine  At your disposal the absolutely unique complex in Odessa: Luxury Wellness SPA Resort Maristella Club. One of the most important benefits is its loca

4* London Hotel

London Hotel in Odessa, Ukraine  London Hotel is situated in the heart of the city in Uspenskaya str. Each of the hotel’s fronts is a mirror image of another one. One of them faces the pic

4* Odessa Hotel

Odessa Hotel, Ukraine  A modern hotel with a magnificent contemporary facade is situated in the heart of Odessa, overlooking the Black Sea and the Old City. Odessa Hotel is a luxurious hotel

5* Palace Del Mar Hotel

Palace Del Mar Hotel in Odessa, Ukraine  The resort complex Palace Del Mar is situated at the Black Sea shore and occupies a restored historical building, and it’s wonderful architecture a

3* Hrustalny Dom Hotel

«Hrustalniy Dom» hotel.   Location: Hrustalniy lane, 4     65016, Odessa, Ukraine

3* Corona Hotel

Corona Hotel in Odessa  Corona Hotel & Apartments is situated in the recreation and entertainment center of Odessa - in Arcadia, in the new elite high-rise building and occupies two floors, in t

2* Astro Hotel

Online booking Odessa Hotel with instant confirmation  Hotel Astro is located on the sea coast, two kilometers from the famous "Luzanovka" and nine kilometers from the historical center of Ode

3* Black Sea Hotel, Razdelnaya

Online booking Odessa Hotel with instant confirmation  The new hotel of network "Black Sea" is located in the center of Razdelnaya town. The hotel provides the guests the high level of service

3* Alexandrovskiy Hotel

Online booking Odessa Hotel with instant confirmation  The new 3* stars Alexandrovskiy Hotel was opened in the heart of Odessa on Alexander Avenue in August 2011. The hotel is located not far

OK Hotel Odessa

Online booking Odessa Hotel with instant confirmation Hotel ОК Odessa is already in the new format with a high level of service and affordable prices. OK Hotel Odessa offers 201 brand new com

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